Build for Better: a Fundraiser for Rancho Relaxo


Many of you in the animal advocacy community have heard of Rancho Relaxo, a small non-profit rescue farm in Salem County, New Jersey. Rancho Relaxo and it's founder, Caitlin Cimini, has been a favorite rescue of ours (in addition to others) due to her emotional, behind the scenes images and footage on social media of her rescue efforts of horribly abused and mistreated farm animals, as well as her heartwarming day-to-day interactions and care for her saved companions on the farm.

Rancho Relaxo is solely operated by Caitlin and her husband Len, both vegan and passionate about letting the voices of animals sent for slaughter being heard.

It's miraculous what they have been able to do in just a few years, and their endless drive to keep pushing forward to create change in the world, one rescue at a time, despite experiencing countless, devastating losses of animals who were just too sick despite their enormous efforts. 

Triple Threads has been a longtime supporter or Rancho Relaxo, and while we have donated thousands of dollars to their cause, we too, feel their endless passion for helping the animals and want to continue supporting them.

We've chosen to run a one week fundraiser campaign where we will donate 50% of ALL sales to Rancho Relaxo! Now is a super important time to push and do all we can to help them, as they recently closed on a 16 acre property and are expanding so they can save thousands of more lives over the years.

They have goals to open up a volunteer and adoption center, to host tours and events, and continue to spread awareness about the cruel industry of factory farming's standard practices.

We hope you will help us help them, shop for an important cause and wear your Triple Threads merch with pride, knowing you helped make a difference for the animals. Be sure to check out our "My Heart is at Rancho Relaxo" design, as well as our "Never Give Up on Freedom" design, inspired by Girlfriend the senior goat's touching rescue story at Rancho Relaxo.


How You Can Help:

The main objective is to help this incredible non-profit rescue build and continue expanding their farm to save more lives.

  • With the love of the Triple Threads supporters, we are asking everyone to help support in any way possible. Even if that means simply sharing our Blog
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Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated. Be sure to stay updated on our Instagram if you aren't already following us. We'll be very active there this week!

Whitney Todor
Founder of Triple Threads



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