Cause of the Month

This month, we are donating 10% of all proceeds to Rancho Relaxo rescue farm in New Jersey.

Rancho Relaxo is a 501(c)(3) animal rescue farm and organization. The rescue has been running
since 2013 privately – and, just last year, celebrated becoming an official tax exempt nonprofit.

Rancho Relaxo’s sole mission is to help every animal possible and they will not stop until every
animal is heard. To date, they have rescued over 300 animals – large and small, all deserving of
being free of abuse and neglect.

They just closed on a 16 acre property which will eventually be used as a volunteer and adoption
center. There, they will save thousands of more lives over the years, but they need help raising
$50,000 for a barn, fencing, and a well. As soon as they raise this money and build, they can
start rescuing more animals.

Learn more about Rancho Relaxo by following them on social media, they always share the best
rescue stories and amazing photos/videos of all their animals.

Instagram: @boochaces